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Established in 1996 and 100% Malaysian owned, Pustaka Rakyat Malaysia is a major Stationery, Educational and Revision Book Supplier.

Pustaka Rakyat started as a national school supplier – supplying  educational  and revision books, stationeries and teaching aids. Then, our founders took the opportunity to tender for national school bookstore and has now been awarded more than 100 national school bookshops’ tenders.

With the great success led by our founders, they finally started the first outlet in Bandar Baru Ampang, which is still servicing the local town with the best services. Over the last 24 years, Pustaka Rakyat with the help and support from our beloved customers, has now over 10 outlets around Klang Valley and counting.

Now, Pustaka Rakyat sells a wide variety of Educational books Such as textbooks, revision books, reference books, exercise books, novel, story books, general titles, Islamic books and many more. We are also provide one-stop supply services for all schooling needs from pre-school to secondary school. Other than books, Pustaka Rakyat also supply stationeries, office equipments, academic resources, computer accessories and school uniforms.

Pustaka Rakyat is not only a one-stop bookstore, other services are provided to fulfil customers’ needs which includes rubber stamp service, printing service, name tag, name card, photocopy service, laminating service and binding service.

In 2017, we started our first transformation, PR ECO, an online e-procurement system for national schools. After 2 years, with the vision to provide the best services to parents, we built our FIRST e-commerce website to cater for the needs for parent to purchase year end back to school books and stationeries (in the booklist format).

In year 2020, we have successfully launched the online bookstore portal

We are continuously growing and expanding to more markets in order to provide better services for customers in Malaysia


To provide the best services to customers in Malaysia and continuously growing to fulfil market needs.


To ensure products are sufficient, affordable and of good quality. To provide quality services to customers and pleasant shopping environment.



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